While studying computer science at Ghent university in Belgium Daan Pape started developing the DPT-Module and DPT-Board early in 2014. In the summer of 2014 the company DPTechnics was officially started a crowdfunding campaign to get the hardware into mass production. The funding was a success and the DPT-Board was shipped all over the world.

We immediately realized the full potential of the Internet-of-Things and focused on creating an IoT based on smart devices and not a smart cloud. Therefore we worked more than 2 years in perfecting the architecture of the BlueCherry.io cloud and in the meanwhile the first projects were built.

The first projects of DPTechnics were released on the market early 2016 and they were a great success for us and our customers. Since then DPTechnics is growing every day and we now are a team with multiple experts on embedded programming, GUI design, IoT techniques and business development. We now specialize in IoT hardware development and continuously work on the BlueCherry platform to make it even better.